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Prepared by Al(bert) "Boomie" Regenstreif

I have established myself as an AMATEUR genealogist and family historian. This website is presented as a contribution to Family history and I hope it enhances Family continuity. It contains contributions from some of my cousins all of whom have my gratitude and they are acknowledged in text. I do hope my readers will be encouraged to make their own contributions to this document. As the generations develop I hope they have a better sense of our history than we had.

Please do communicate with me by email at Alregen@regenstreif.ca. Send me biographical notes of your own and tell us something of your remembrances of family. Most importantly give me corrections of any errors or omissions.

          THE REGENSTREIF FAMILY OF CANADA Updated January 2011
Prepared by Al(bert) "Boomie" Regenstreif

       Interactive Family Tree Updated January 2011

Regenstreif Family Photo Album

Brigadier-General Albert (Bert) Mendelsohn’s Story
In his own words

The Regenstreif Family of Canada (original version)
- by Al "Boomie" Regenstreif

Last update January 27, 2011
Additional contributions are solicited and will be included in updates.